Display Advertising Contacts

Local and Campus Advertisers
If you are a local business, affiliated with the university or are interested in learning more about advertising, call 510-280-2452 or email advertising at [email protected]l.org.

Akshay Balwani
Local Sales Manager
[email protected]

Nicole Lee
National Sales Manager
[email protected]

Kaila Vangell
Sales Manager
[email protected]

James Dorn
Sales Director
[email protected]

Legals Advertisements

Read more about Daily Californian legals.
Ask at our main switchboard: 510-548-8300 or email [email protected]

Online Advertising

May be scheduled through your Daily Cal Advertising Executive.



General Advertising Inquiries

If your business doesn’t fit into the above, please contact our advertisement department at [email protected].  We  will get back to you within 2-3 business days.  If you need immediate assistance, please call our office.