A perfect complement to print media for maximum awareness in the local  community.


Our online advertising program is designed to meet the needs of every local business.  Your investment in an online campaign can be customized to fit your goal: from an awareness campaign spread over a month or longer to a short burst campaign that gets quick results for events and sales.

We can focus your ads to reach specific kinds of readers (like those interested in sports or arts and entertainment) or help you reach the widest audience (general news).

We can put the spotlight on you with a series of simple, static ads, or create dynamic interactive or animated concepts that stand apart from other items on a page.

Our online advertising is just another way to help local businesses find and connect with new customers.

Online Positions

  1. Leaderboard (970 x 90px)
  2. Med. Rectangle (300 x 250px)
  3. Half Page (300 x 600px)

Online Rates

For national and regional businesses, please call 209-293-7482.

Online Local Rates
Local businesses and groups should contact the Daily Californian office for our local rates.
Call 510-280-2443 or email [email protected].

Online Specifications

Top 600 pixels / “Above the fold” placements
Leaderboard (970 x 90px) …………….. Top right of main page, top center of other pages
Med. Rectangle (300 x 250px)……….. Top right of every page

Underneath top 600 pixels / “Below the fold” placements

Half Page (300 x 600px)………………..  Beneath news/social widgets in sidebar

Display Limitations
The Daily Californian Online conforms to IAB Guidelines on online artwork.
Animation length limit: 15 seconds.  Max initial file load: 40k.   Flash artwork must contain embedded URLs.

Camouflage: Ads may not appear as ‘editorial’ content (they can’t use styles and typography that are meant to blend in with the rest of our site).

Blinking: Ads that deliberately distract our viewers with flashes or blinking are

Political: Ads for political causes and campaigns must identify the individual or group who the ad has been placed by.

We reserve the right to refuse any artwork for placement.

Statistics and Tracking
The Daily Californian can track clicks and impressions on most artwork.  However, we can not track click-throughs on interactive and animated ads through Flash.  Ads that seek these statistics should use a third-party click-tracker for click-through statistics.

We can provide statistics on request.