The Daily Californian publishes legal notices. We are an adjudicated paper for Alameda County and offer services for any type of legal notice request, including ficticious business name statements, name changes, bulk sales, alcohol license and owner change (ABC notices).

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How to Place a Legal Notice with The Daily Californian

1) Contact our legals representative.

  • If an electronic copy of the legal notice is available, please send to [email protected] with a subject line of the type of legal notice and due date.
  • If only a paper copy is available, please fax to (510) 849-2803 with “ATTN: Legals Department”
  • If you would like to schedule an in-person meeting with the legals representative, please call (510) 548-8300

2) Please submit your contact information so the legals representative can contact you and know where to send the proof of publications:

– Name and Agency Name (if applicable)
– Contact Name
– Contact Phone Number
– Contact Email
– PO Number (if applicable)

If Billing Address is different:
– Billing contact: name, phone, and email
– Billing Address
– Fax Number

3) Once publication dates have been set with the legals representative, proof of publications will be sent to billing address after all of your scheduled notices have been correctly published. (Will be sent out before hearing date noted on document)


Legal Placement Contact

Phone: (510) 548-8300  |  Fax: (510) 849-2803  |  Email: [email protected]